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Speech-Language Therapy Services

Our speech-language pathologists at Communication Station come from diverse clinical backgrounds and experiences. When assign a speech-language pathologist to work with your child, we base the referral on the need of your child and the experience of the speech-language pathologist in that area of need. 

Speech-language therapy is provided in our Goshen clinic, preschools, daycares, or in homes as a part of the New York Sate Early Intervention program. Families are always encouraged to be an active part of our therapy sessions in order to best carryover activities and skills outside of the therapy sessions. 

Our speech-language pathologists provide services for:

  1. Children ages birth to three years old who qualify for speech-language therapy services through he New York State Early Intervention program,
  2. Children ages three to five years old who qualify for speech-language therapy services through their local school district.
  3. Children who are evaluated by our speech-language pathologists who are demonstrate a delay in the area of speech and language.  

What is Speech-Language Therapy?

When therapists assist children with their speech, they’re looking to improve children’s articulation, decrease stuttering (disfluency), or treat voice disorders.  Our speech-language pathologists are also trained to perform oral-motor therapy using TalkTools techniques.  We also assist children with feeding skills.

Receptive Language
When therapists work with children to improve their receptive language, they are helping children process and understand the information they’re receiving from others such as following directions.

Expressive Language
When therapists work with children on expressive language, they are helping children learn how to produce words and combine words into phrases and sentences to outwardly communicate their wants and needs and share information. 

When A Child Might Need See a Speech-Language Pathologist?
Children see speech-language pathologists for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Difficulty with feeding or swallowing – unable to safely eat or drink age-appropriate foods and liquids
  • Difficulty articulating certain sounds
  • Difficulty with fluent speech 
  • Difficulty using words, phrases, and sentences to communicate at an age appropriate level – needs help using words to communicate and/or turning words into phrases
  • Difficulty understanding information such as directions or questions – needs help understanding words spoken to them
  • Difficulty organizing information and regulating behavior
  • Difficulty with the strength and awareness of lips, cheek, tongue, and jaw

How Speech-Language Pathologists Help Children
Each child is different! Once an initial evaluation is performed, the speech-language pathologist will determine the best course of action. Interventions vary depending on what communication or feeding and swallowing goals will be targeted.

Speech-language pathologists give parents and children the tools they need to improve their language skills, but therapists say it’s the time spent using those tools at home and in the children’s natural environment that really creates lasting change. Practicing what is learned at the therapy appointments is just as important as the appointments themselves. Parents should ask therapists what goals and strategies can be carried over into the home environment to improve speech and language skills.


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If you have questions about your child’s language development – don’t hesitate to contact us. We welcome any questions!