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Communication Station is a pediatric therapeutic agency owned and operated by Tara Connell, MS/CCC-SLP and Holli Teshome, MS/CCC-SLP in Goshen, New York.  Communication Station proudly offers speech language therapy and special education services. We take pride in delivering the highest quality of services in a warm and friendly environment. As moms and speech-language pathologists we understand the importance of the decisions made throughout the process to better help your child’s development.


News from the Station

  • Our new office is complete! We were excited to open the doors to our new office in September 2018.  Please be sure to stop by, get a tour, and say hello!
  • We love student SLPs! We welcome any speech therapy students or students interested in becoming SLPs to spend the day with us.  We offer observation hours, mentor you throughout your education, and more.  Please send us an email or call us if you would like to visit.



“Words cannot express the gratitude I feel when I hear my children doing what others may consider simple, such as laughing, playing, and speaking without becoming frustrated. A few short years ago, this was not possible. Thanks to the caring and dedicated instruction they’ve received at Communication Station, my children can explain their wants, needs and love easily. Watching your children grow and succeed, life doesn’t get better than that.”
Jody W.
“In these playful and non- stress sessions, we have noticed increased self- awareness of speech mechanics and phonetics which has given our daughter confidence to make positive changes in her own speech. She has had positive feedback outside of the sessions where she can be heard speaking more clearly to her peers. We are all very pleased with our pre- schooler’s progress in these few months.”
Jannett R.
"Both of our sons have gone to Communication Station for speech therapy and have thrived beyond expectation. Not only are the therapists knowledgeable, they are so kind. The therapists go above and beyond to help their clients reach their goals. I will always recommend them to anyone looking for services."
Amanda D.
"I have been bringing my daughter to Communication Station for about nine months. She has made such wonderful progress and loves coming every week. The staff is super friendly and every session is a positive one with lots of smiles and giggles. The time spent with my daughter and her speech therapist has made an incredible bond and memories that will last a lifetime."
Kim S.
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